The Bandwagon Sign-up


It’s great you’re here. That means you are honoring your circumstances as well as your wish to create a daily writing habit.

And that’s what I want to help you with – even if it means you’ll stop trying to write every day for now.

Here’s what will happen if you sign up below:

1) The emails for the 30 Days Daily Writing Class will stop right away.

2) You’ll receive one email every end of the month to remind you that you can sign up again for the 30 Days Daily Writing Class. Of course, you can sign up any time you like, but it is convenient to set up a full month for it.

3) You will still receive the weekly Tips and Tapping newsletter. That’s my gift to you.

If that’s what makes you feel relieved and happy now, go for it!

(Falling down isn’t failure. Failure is not getting up again.)

What do you think?