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Team Up with Your Muse

Are you a writer? Do you have times when you curse your lack of inspiration? Or when your muse takes off for a vacation on Hawaii? Or do you even fight the terrible blight called “writers’ block”? I know how that feels.

Not any more.

Let me quickly introduce you to the simple tapping method that I use as therapist and coach: It’s called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), and it has proven to be brilliant for working through and dissolving mental blocks. I will teach you this and work with you for three weeks – so you can be a much more efficient and happy writer.

[stextbox id=”custom” caption=”What people say” shadow=”true” bwidth=”1″ color=”000000″ bcolor=”000000″ bgcolor=”fbb717″]”Frauke Moebius at Moebius Coaching gives ‘coaching or therapy’ a new meaning.  Her calm, strong, patient, friendly demeanor provides a sense of ease that allows for deep soul searching and reflection in what feels like a completely safe atmosphere.

She has worked with me on several deeply held beliefs, or “core issues,” that have been major problems, and I have always had a profound sense of release and clearing, no matter the issue.  She is wonderfully insightful, and I have seen real world changes resulting from my work with her.  I would highly recommend her for anyone who is either looking for performance enhancement in any area (work to sports to art), and also for anyone in physical or emotional pain/difficulties.

Frauke Moebius has helped me, others I know of, and could certainly help you. Working via Skype, the Sessions felt as if we were in the same room.”
Bonnie Sheldon, Florida, USA[/stextbox]

What will I get in detail?

Week 1: Invite your Muse

In our first week together, I will do two things for you:
teach you EFT so you can do the tapping for yourself even without me
– teach you a sequence to use when you feel uninspired and stuck

Week 2: Talk to your Muse

The second week is all about going deeper with inspiration. You’ll learn how to use tapping to discover plot twists and unknown characters. You will discover surprising ways that your brain uses to come up with great ideas.

Week 3: Team up with your Muse

The third week will help set you up as an efficient writer who simply sits down and writes because that’s what you do. Inspiration is secondary – and available for you anyway through tapping. We’ll figure out your best day schedule to make your writing time as successful as we can.
You will also learn how to think as successful writer. This will shift your entire mindset into a new realm of possibilities.


3 One-on-One Sessions of 60 min each
“Your First Tapping Miracle” EFT Guide Book
EFT Training Video
Personal Worksheets
Personalized Tapping Rounds


– You will have inspiration literally at your fingertips.
– You will know exactly how to overcome blocks quickly.
– You will know when to write each day to get the most out of your writing time.
– You will start thinking like a successful writer.
– Your new mindset will shift you to an entirely new level of fun and success.

Yes, I want this! What do I do now?

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[stextbox id=”custom” caption=”About:” shadow=”true” bwidth=”1″ color=”000000″ bcolor=”000000″ bgcolor=”fbb717″]Frauke Moebius is a German therapist and coach, EFT practicioner and author. Her passion is helping people who are stuck – in writing, in life or in business, using EFT, her vivid imagination and a heart-felt intuition that’s usually spot on.[/stextbox]

The world is waiting for your tales.
Stop waiting for inspiration!

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