Hi everyone!

So you want to know more about me? Fine with me. Shoot.

You say you’re a writer?

Yep. I started writing my first fan fiction in school. It was about heroes created by  an 1890s German writer, set in the “Wild West”. If you can tell me who wrote about Winnetou and Old Shatterhand, I’ll give you an extra hug and a kiss.

On and off, I found myself with ideas for TV series, but for the most part I devoured fantasy, SF and anything in between, for years. And started roleplaying (credit where credit is due). After some stints as DM, I decided that I would rather not work with a bunch of unruly players. But the creative flow had been started.

So what happened then?

In late 1999, I woke up with a scene in my mind that I couldn’t shake. I was having bad carpal tunnel at that time and was already scheduled for an operation. But that scene was so strong that I sat down at the computer anyway and started typing. When I finally got my characters to that scene, the tale had 30+ pages. (The typing actually helped with the carpal tunnel, and I only had an operation on one hand, the other got fine on its own.)

Oh, wow! And then?

I spent the next few years writing furiously. I finished two novels and actually found an agent in 2004 … which turned out to be a bad decision in the long term. Having an agent almost stopped me writing. I stopped working on my main series, because I anticipated a sale and much editing, which would have effects througout the whole series. I kept writing short stories and turned my mind to a number of other novels. Finally, in 2009, I ended the contract with the agent who never placed a single novel for me.

And are you really published?

Yes, indeed, I am. I have several short stories published in German and English, with more in the pipeline. There’s also a German novel out there which I wrote with a co-author and which has been published with small press. And just last year, I self-published two of my longer short stories. There’s much more to come, which I’m really excited about.

You can find my writing stuff on the website of Hannah Steenbock (which is my pen name).

But you say you’re also a coach and therapist?

That’s true. I’m a certified Non-medical Practicioner of Psychotherapy (which is the clunky translation of the German “Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie). I learned about EFT in 2007, and was so fascinated by the amazing effects of this technique that I decided I want to do this myself. So I got intensive training in EFT (several weekend classes plus four week-long seminars), and passed the exam for the Heilpraktiker in 2009. I’ve been running my own practice part-time since then, and have expanded into international work in 2013.

I have a website for my more generic coaching here.

And you say you can help writers?

Absolutely. I offer a bunch of great programs for writers, from a simple portfolio check to full-blown, long-term, individual help with novel-writing and publishing (take a look here). If you want to know how exactly I can support you, drop me an email, and we’ll schedule a 30 min Skype meeting – totally free.

Send email to Frauke.

Let me support you – because I am passionate about writers and your success.

2 Responses to Hi everyone!

  1. Cristina Ion says:

    You mean there is someone over 30 years old, living in Europe, who hasn’t heard about Karl May?! 😉

    • fmoebius says:

      Extra hug and kiss!!

      Well, they are making new Winnetou movies, it seems.
      And Europeans probably know. Americans… not so much. 😉

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