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I love being a writer. And I love helping and supporting writers.

That’s why I offer free stuff.

You can start out with a free email course to get you started on a daily writing habit. You’ll receive a prompt every day for 30 days, with a nice quote and a suggestion for writing. How’s that for starters?
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If you are interested in a monthly newsletter with writerly topics and suggestions for overcoming blocks with EFT tapping, well, here’s your opportunity.
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If you want more interaction, there is a closed group on Facebook, where I post an activity almost every day. We’re offering accountability, support and bragging space. If you want to stay in your comfortable home and still get some interaction with other writers plus coaching support – this is your place. And yes, it’s free.
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In my blog, newsletter and posts online, I often talk about EFT tapping. Many people don’t know how to do that. Which is why I created a video modeling an EFT tapping round for you. Prepare to laugh.