Tapping to 1k


Would you like to write 1,000 (1k) words every day?

Bonnie Sheldon
I’m in Frauke’s writing Group and some of us track our Accountability to our Writing by word count. […] 1,000 words consistently is ‘just’ half of the necessary accomplishment needed to succeed with the Nano marathon writing month, a real challenge. Many of us in the group have found EFT to be a big help in overcoming any difficulties in meeting our goals, thanks to Frauke.

Her is why this is even more important if you want to create a writing career and an income with your writing:

Writing 1k words per day would allow you to finish a short novel (~60k words) every two months. Add a month for editing, formatting and cover creation, and you could publish once every quarter. This would definitely give you higher visibility on Amazon as they only promote a book for 90 days, and sales usually drop after that.

Writing 1k words is not very time-consuming if you know what you want to write, and know how to touch type or dictate. It can be done within 30 – 45 minutes. That’s not a lot of time to invest even if you are working a full-time job to pay the bills.

You see, very often, the really time-consuming part of “writing” is overcoming the resistance, doubts and fears, and lack of inspiration.

And that’s where EFT-tapping comes in. It’s very simple to spend a few minutes tapping away the resistance, freeing the mind of doubts and fears, and allowing creation to flow.

Chances are that you never heard of EFT-tapping.

That’s okay. I can teach you – in the Tapping to 1k Online Event.


This is the beta- version, since I haven’t done this before. And that’s why I am offering it at a bargain price:


I won’t ever offer this class at such a low price again.

Also, there are only 20 spaces, because I want to be able to serve you all well. And they are filling up fast.