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NaNoWriMo Special – The Showdown

We’re in the last week of NaNoWriMo, and it is time for the showdown. You’ve been writing for three weeks now. You have gone through hell and heaven both while dealing with your story. You gained a lot of experience. … Continue reading

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Saturday Writing Prompt

Hmmmmmmm. A book. And eye and a house. What could be going on here? Only you can tell the story! If you want to share the story that came out of this prompt, head on over to my Facebook Group. … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo – Written Yourself into a Corner?

You can land there even if you plot, but it happens especially during NaNo when people are typing fast and for the word count: You’re writing along happily, and suddenly you realize you’ve put your characters into a situation even … Continue reading

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Three Ways of Regaining your Writing Mojo

It happens to every writer: Losing the mojo. Staring at the file, and not being able to open it. Or opening it, and the words don’t come. Lying in bed awake with dialog in your head, but it’s all gone … Continue reading

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The Plot and the Hero

The other day I read a book that I had waited to read. It was part of a series, and it was long in coming. I set aside an evening, got some beer and chips, and settled in for a … Continue reading

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The Power of Story Telling

Imagine … See yourself in a group of familiar people. As you sit around a camp fire, a rocky overhang protects your camp against the cool of the night. You are comfortably perched on a log. Slow talk wanders around … Continue reading

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You are a Writer. Yes, you.

Wait. I am a writer? Maybe you think you aren’t. Maybe you just followed my link here and wonder what the whole thing has to do with you. Well, here it is: You’re a writer if you tell stories in … Continue reading

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