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Conquer NaNoWriMo – It’s over. And now?

Today is the last day of this year’s NaNoWriMo. Maybe you’re making a huge push to win today, like I’m doing. Maybe you already know you won’t make the 50,000 words. And yes, it does matter in a way, and … Continue reading

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Family System Dynamics – Law #1

The family system knows three “laws” as I like to call them, because these are firm and not flexible. Pretty much everything else are “guidelines”, but these three laws rule. Today, I’m going to talk about the first and most … Continue reading

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How to make Marketing non-icky

Marketing is icky. I know many writers feel like that. I mean, we’re writers because we don’t mind at all being alone, we enjoy immersing ourselves in our stories and hanging out with our characters. Most of us are not … Continue reading

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Develop a Love of Words

Two weeks ago, I talked about the three main abilities each writer needs to develop. And today, I’ll dig in a little deeper with the first one: A Love of Words Of course, for a writer, words are the building … Continue reading

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Three Must-Follow Blogs for Writers

If you are an author who wants to get books published, there are a number of blogs that are very useful to know and visit regularly. Because self-publishing is not something you can do successfully without learning the ropes. That’s … Continue reading

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