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It happens to everyone. We get stuck. We lose focus. And it can happen in any aspect of life. With a project. A novel. A partnership. Or with decluttering.

All we notice is this strange feeling of resistance when we approach that aspect of our life. Our brain refuses to supply us with ideas. In fact, we’d rather clean than even think about that one thing (or things). Of course, this also creates stress. Maybe we’re under a deadline. Maybe we promised and now feel we can’t keep the promise. It’s really awkward and ugly.

Until now, you probably knew only one way of dealing with it: Do it anyway. Push yourself, force it.

And that is painful.

Because this feeling of being stuck, this inner resistance is not our enemy. It’s simply a part of our mind that’s trying to protect us. From anything that might cause or trigger underlying fear. Anything that might break the rules we learned as kids, rules that tend to govern us even now.

Rules like: Don’t outshine others. Be quiet. Be graceful, not pushy. Who do you think  you are?

Or even more insidious beliefs: If you get rich, you’ll become one of those fat cats. Ugly, icky stinkin’ rich people.

Or: Being successful means you’ll never get to play again. You have to work hard to even make a living, how hard do you think you’ll have to work to get rich? Don’t even bother.

And of course: The poor poet. Hardship brings out the talent in writers. No way am I going to risk losing my talent and inspiration by getting rich.

Now, if things are looking up for you as writer, artist or coach, all those rules will come screaming at you – and your subconscious will try to help you not to break them. Try to keep you safe. And then you feel this inner resistance to whatever you do that’ll possibly make you break those rules and run those risks.

Makes sense, huh?

The good news is that these rules and beliefs can be shifted with EFT. That will eliminate the resistance and the block. And here’s some set-up phrases to get you started:

Even though I feel so stuck and blocked, I’m okay the way I am and I now allow myself to know it’s perfectly safe to continue with this project.

Even though I have no idea what’s stopping me, all I feel is this resistance, I’m okay the way I am and I now choose to let go of all negative beliefs that keep me from moving on.

Even though I’m so frustrated with this block, I’m okay the way I am and I now choose to feel totally safe and happy with this project.

Feel free to change the words so they fit your situation better. And let me know about your results!

*Image source: F. Moebius

If you would like some deeper work around blocks and limiting beliefs, drop me an email and we’ll figure out how I can support you best.

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I'm a writer and coach. I love helping writers be more creative, more productive and more profitable. With EFT, life gets easier. Blocks can fall away. Limiting beliefs just shift. You can build your dream life. Let me help you do this.
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