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The Power of the Timer

As a writer, you should use a timer, especially on those days when you do not feel inspired. Because that timer can make you write anyway. How does that work? The timer is simply a tool that makes you focus … Continue reading

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Three Novels a Year

So you are saying there is no way you can write every day. Even if you really want to be a writer. Because you’re really, really busy. Because you work long hours. Because you don’t have a single hour to … Continue reading

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What if I Just Can’t Write?

So, you’re ready to write every day. That’s your goal. You made that decision. Awesome! But the minute you sit down, your brain scatters. You may think of the chores for today, you may wonder what to cook for dinner … Continue reading

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Stop Chasing your Muse

Greek mythology knows nine muses. Each of them represents one of the arts, and quite a few are connected to writing. The concept of the muse, however, has generalized so that the muses are seen as the source of inspiration. … Continue reading

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Too many ideas

What to do if I have too many ideas? This is a question I got on my writing board a few days ago. I believe it is a question that many writers have, simply because we’re creative types and many, … Continue reading

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