A New Calling

My dear writer friends,

once in a while, change doesn’t just creep in, it is consolidated through a decision. A decision that is the final result of shifts in mindset, life-style and sources of happiness.

I made such a decision a couple of weeks ago.

My calling changed – noticeably. My writing gave me more and more fun. The dragons, the aliens, the goblins and other creatures started to call me with an ever louder voice.

I finally listened to the call.

The next years will be filled with imaginary worlds and the tales that want to be told. I will write, growing my pen name (Hannah Steenbock), and gaining ever more knowledge about how to build a writer career.

And who knows, I might return to coaching eventually.

For now, however, the coaching has come to an end. My business has been dissolved by the end of July. I thank you for working with me, for your loyalty and for all the great joy that watching you grow has given me.

There will be no more newsletters. This website will go away in the next few months.

But if you want to follow me on that old, new journey as a story-teller, follow Hannah Steenbock, and her sidekick Ember, the little red dragon plushie.

Hannah and Ember - my new calling

About fmoebius

I'm a writer and coach. I love helping writers be more creative, more productive and more profitable. With EFT, life gets easier. Blocks can fall away. Limiting beliefs just shift. You can build your dream life. Let me help you do this.
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