The Power of Story Telling

Campfire Talk

Campfire Talk

Imagine …

See yourself in a group of familiar people. As you sit around a camp fire, a rocky overhang protects your camp against the cool of the night. You are comfortably perched on a log. Slow talk wanders around the fire, old hunting tales, cooking lore, philosophical thought, and jokes. Sparks drift up into the night sky as a log collapses in the fire. Sweet, acrid wood smoke tickles your nose. In the distance, an owl calls. Finally, you curl up in your blankets or furs and drift into sleep, comforted by the low voices of those who will guard you through the night.

Can you feel this? Were you in this little scene in your mind?

And I took you there, into a completely fictional scene. You could see this. You could feel and hear everything – in your imagination.  And possibly, it felt quite real in that moment. You might have felt soothed and comforted by experiencing this scene.

That is the Power of Story Telling: Invoking feelings, touching the heart and creating experiences.

So what is it good for?

We can harness that power to let others feel emotions and experience new ideas, concepts and even entire worlds. Through our words. And we can teach and educate through our stories. We can soothe or entertain – all with our words. And the readers connect to us through this.

That is the deeper Power of Story Telling:
Connecting, sharing and teaching.

That is why story telling is the most important tool for the new concept of marketing, which emphazises connection and invitation over pushing products. We want our potential readers, clients, customers and buyers to feel good. To learn how we can help them or entertain them, and to develop a certain trust in our ability to do so.

And that’s all. Through our story telling, we enable choice – clients, customers and buyers can choose to want more than simple connection. More than the stories on our blogs or in the newsletters. It is their choice. And we can draw them to it.

You can harness the Power of Story Telling to be a successful writer, blogger, copy writer or marketer. In every case, it involves getting to know the elements of a story (character, setting, conflict, transformation, resolution), and a bit of skill with words.

Both can be learned.

In fact, I am teaching an online workshop to help you develop and deepen just that story telling ability, starting on June 2nd, 2014. Read more about that here: The Short Story Workshop

And if you believe you’ll never have what it takes to tell a compelling story for whatever purpose – well, that is simply a limiting belief. And what do we do with limiting beliefs? We zap them with EFT.

Even though I can’t believe that I’ll ever be able to tell compelling stories, I’m okay the way I am and I’m open to the possibility that it’s a skill that can be learned.

Even though I grew up thinking that only special, talented people could tell great stories, I’m okay the way I am and I’m open to the possibility that with some help I can learn to tell good stories, too.

Even though I was always in awe of people who could draw me into a story, and I never thought I could be one of them, I’m okay the way I am and I now choose to allow the possibility that I could learn to do it, too.

(Here’s a link to a video explaining EFT and how to use the sentences I posted here: What is this Tapping?)

Now I’m curious: Did a little story image pop up in your mind after tapping this round? Would you share it in the comments?

* Image source: F. Moebius

PS: Here’s that link again: The Short Story Workshop.
Limited VIP spaces, so check out out now.

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