You are a Writer. Yes, you.

Yes, you are.

You are a writer!

Wait. I am a writer?

Maybe you think you aren’t. Maybe you just followed my link here and wonder what the whole thing has to do with you. Well, here it is:

You’re a writer if you tell stories in the written form.

Duh, of course!

But you’re also a writer if you create blog posts, if you send out newsletters, even if you just write copy for your website. And I bet you are doing some of these things.

Because your writing is how you connect with your audience. And you do it best if you tell stories. Or if your words manage to evoke stories in your readers’ minds.

And thus you are a writer.

Now what exactly does a writer need most to be successful?

There are lots of things you need: A grasp of the language, vocabulary, grammar, etc. But most of those are simply the result of practice. Writing is a craft, after all.

But the one thing you need most of all is … mindset.

You need to know dep inside yourself that you want to reach people, that you want to tell your story. Even if it’s a story about creating the best shoes in the world. Or a story about how to play the harp really well.

Writers are storytellers.

I actually believe that all humans are storytellers. It’s in our blood and in our bones. Our stone age ancestors sat around a fire and told tales of the glorious hunt or of the discovery of fire. And maybe they told a tale about how a little girl found a cave for them. (I feel like telling that story right now!) We still carry that ability in our hearts, the thrill of telling about or listening to adventure and relive it in our minds. We just use modern media. Books. Movies. Roleplaying. But it’s still there.

So you are a storyteller. And knowing this is fundamental for anything you write. Keep this in your heart. And then go out and tell your stories on your website, your blog, your newsletter – or in your novel.

Which story are you going to write today? Let me know in the comments – and let the world know how many amazing stories are out there.

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