Eagle Power for your Novels

Do you have a book in your head and want to get it out?

(Discover your story!)

Are you having a hard time finishing the book you started?

(Write your story!)

Would you like some help to make your dream come true, get that novel finished and possibly publish it yourself?

(Publish your story!)

I can support you through that time so that your novel will become reality.

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This is not for everyone.

I only work with writers who are committed to doing the inner work, and who want the personal growth needed to finish a novel (and to go on and write many more). It is not for the faint of heart, as we will confront your inner demons, negative beliefs, fears and doubts that hold you back.

I will coach you through all of this with much love and support, and help you with all your inner resistance. I will celebrate your progress and your triumphs with you. And I may have a few writing tips for you, as well.

However, I won’t ghost-write and I won’t edit.

Instead, I will ask you lots of questions that will help you with your story, and I will hold you accountable for writing regularly, and for doing the work needed to grow into a productive writer.

Are you ready for this?

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Where’s the action?

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six months of intense 1:1 coaching
two 1:1 sessions per month
weekly feedback meetings
email emergency help twice a week
membership in a VIP group that protects your copyright [Runboard?]

How do we start?

We start by setting up a meeting where we’ll talk about your plans, your experience as a writer, and the problems you are experiencing.

Afterwards, we’ll decide if working together is a good idea.

Limited Availability

Send me an email if you’re interested.
Right now, spaces are limited to three.

What’s the price?

You can choose between $1000 per month for six months,
or a $ 5,500 lump sum payable at the beginning of our work.

There will be a contract.