Laser Coaching Sessions – the Fast Solution

Laser Coaching Sessions

Laser Coaching Sessions are fast and focused on your writing blocks and issues.

They only last 30 minutes, during which we focus on one single aspect of a problem that’s holding you back.

Because of the clear focus, we can reach a shift for that issue, and you can move beyond your block very quickly.

Does that sound good?

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How do Laser Coaching Sessions work?

This is very easy for you. We meet in a secure Zoom room, and work together.

In the session, you describe the issue and your feelings about it, and then we’ll use individually focused EFT tapping rounds to shift what’s holding you back. This work is deeply personal.

When we do the EFT-tapping, I guide you through it by tapping on myself and saying the words that go with it – you just copy what I do. It’s very simple and doesn’t require prior knowledge. If you’re curious, here’s a video for you with a demonstration of the technique.

EFT-Tapping is powerful enough to create a shift for you even with just one or two rounds of tapping. And I have enough experience to cut through to the issue at hand and really make those 30 minutes work for you.

But are 30 minutes really enough?

Of course, doing 3o minutes sessions means we cannot dig down quite that far since we only have a short amount to time.

But the work we’ll do will also keep chipping away at underlying issues, giving you not just a fast solution but longer-lasting results at the same time. Also, once we work through an issue, chances are it won’t come back.

In addition, you can always book a full-blown coaching package to do intense work on a larger, deeper issue where we take the time to look at difficult times in your life and limiting beliefs you might have developed over time.

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What kind of issues are good for the Laser Coaching Sessions?

There are three levels of issues:
– Level 1: basic, everyday stuff
– Level 2: deeper issues that are difficult to solve alone
– Level 3: life-changing issues or therapy stuff

Here in the Laser Coaching Sessions, we mostly work with level 2 issues, those that are difficult to solve on your own but are not as deep as life-changing ones.

You will also learn how to throw EFT-tapping at your basic, everyday stuff – making your life a lot easier. Because I want you to come to me for the things you cannot easily handle on your own – that’s honoring your time.

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Examples for Laser Coaching issues are:

Being utterly stuck in your story, and talking with your writing buddies hasn’t helped – there’s probably an underlying fear at work which we can uncover and release.

Not being able to finish the cover letter for sending out your manuscript. Lots of fear behind that one – we’ll figure out the main driver and shift it.

Feeling unable to hit the publish button on Amazon. Again, there’s probably fear behind that, and if it’s your first time, it can simply be a fear of the unknown. Easy to shift, because I have the experience as a therapist and also the actual experience as a writer (full disclosure – this did happen to me, and I did shift it).

Booking a Laser Coaching Session

The usual prices are:

1 Session – 50 Euro
3 Session Package: 120 Euro

However, right now, you can get an incredible deal.

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3 Session Package for just 90 Euro

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But you have to act fast.

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