The Writing Companion 2020

The Writing Companion 2020 - Daily Writing, Daily Accountability, Daily Support

Daily Motivation.
Daily Accountability.
Your own Writing Companion.

daily on weekdays

Your Writing Companion

Imagine how it feels

  • to see your book grow day by day.
  • to have your work recognized every day.
  •  to have someone who truly understands your blocks and obstacles.

You can have that companion. Every day.

The Details

Here’s the support you’ll get:

Your dream book
  • A dedicated Facebook group just for you
  • Daily Co-Writing Times
  • Live Video
  • 1-2 Group Calls per Month
  • EFT-Tapping

The Companion Bonus

Members will get 10% off from my coaching offers.

It’s possible you may need more support than I can give you in the group,
so you get special access to my one-on-one coaching packages.

The Special, One-Time Beta Price

Of course, there is a price for this:

270 Euro

Yes, that’s for the entire year of 2020, and you’ll get December 2019 for free.

This is a beta price – I’m doing this for the first time around, and I know I will learn a lot from you, as well. I won’t ever offer this kind of support for the same price again, so take advantage of this opportunity.

The Huge, Forever Bonus

Right now, you can lock in a special, permanent, annual subscription price for my Writing Companion Mastermind – a unique, life-time opportunity:

Only in November/December 2019, you can book the entire subscription for the whole year of 2020 at € 270. And if you join now, this will be your annual price forever. It’s my reward for founding members.

About your Host

Frauke Moebius is an experienced coach, specializing in helping authors overcome blocks and resistance. A number of authors have already become more productive and happier through Frauke’s work. Her secret power is using EFT-Tapping to turn your resistance into motivation.

She is also a writer – writing under the pen name of Hannah Steenbock – so she knows all about writers’ block, about resistance, and about feeling stuck. And she has overcome all of that herself, which means she is the perfect coach to help you do the same.

What others say

Sophie Bellabone
writer and illustrator

Frauke inspired me both for my writing and my art. Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

She knows how to motivate me, and Writers’ Block doesn’t stand a chance against her coaching.

Benita Königbauer
writer and business coach

Working with Frauke – even just being part of her tribe – is one of my key success factors. She keeps me accountable, cheers me up, has my back on the not-so-bright days, and detects mental blocks with seismographical accuracy. And she has the means to address them.

Benita Königbauer

I highly recommend Frauke to everyone who really wants to pick
up pace and live their potential.