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The Plot and the Hero

The other day I read a book that I had waited to read. It was part of a series, and it was long in coming. I set aside an evening, got some beer and chips, and settled in for a … Continue reading

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The Three Levels of Editing

Everyone knows we should have an editor before publishing our stories. Publishers give manuscripts to editors, and self-publishers search out and pay editors. And that makes sense. It’s always good to have more than just the writer’s eyes on the … Continue reading

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The True Power of Mindset

This is a true story. Ten days ago, I decided to radically shift my mindset about my books. (I’m writing fiction under a pen name.) You see, I self-published my first book early in 2013. By now, I have three … Continue reading

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Story Fatigue

You started out loving this story, the characters, and the world but then it went all downhill. The characters are only bickering and navel-gazing, they refuse to meet your eye, and quite frankly, you don’t even want to visit that … Continue reading

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