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I'm a writer and coach. I love helping writers be more creative, more productive and more profitable. With EFT, life gets easier. Blocks can fall away. Limiting beliefs just shift. You can build your dream life. Let me help you do this.

A New Calling

My dear writer friends, once in a while, change doesn’t just creep in, it is consolidated through a decision. A decision that is the final result of shifts in mindset, life-style and sources of happiness. I made such a decision … Continue reading

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How to Finally Write your Book in 5 Simple Steps

Do you finally want to write your book? I can help you get started in five simple steps. Are stories living in your head?Do you have characters in your mind that won’t shut up? But are you feeling blocked and … Continue reading

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Create a Daily Writing Habit

Most of us don’t write every day, especially if we’re still working in a day job and not making any or much money from our writing. A daily writing habit is very important. It helps you add words to your … Continue reading

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Is NaNoWriMo for you?

If you have writing friends, you may have heard a fairly mysterious word in recent weeks. You may have heard about preparing for it, dreaming about it and fretting about it. That word is NaNoWriMo. NaNoWriMo. Or just NaNo. No, … Continue reading

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The Starting Barrier

Getting started can be the hardest thing on a writing day. Here are two solutions, one short term, one long term. Continue reading

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Family System Dynamics for Writers

This post (and the series it belongs to) is about family systems and how they affect you as a writer. The way I see it, knowing about family systems and their dynamics will help you be more successful by explaining … Continue reading

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Perfectionism – the Archenemy of the Creative

Now, there are times when it is useful to strive for perfectionism. Doing taxes or bookkeeping, for example. Or installing electrical wires. But those are not creative endeavors. These are tasks where you must get it right. And getting it … Continue reading

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Author Superpowers: Imagination

Again, this is not really a surprise. I mean, we story tellers need some imagination to create characters, settings and an interesting plot line, right? But there’s more to that than meets the eye. Take Star Trek, for example. Look … Continue reading

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Author Superpowers: Teaching

Duh, every non-fiction author aims to teach, right? Sure. But how about the fiction authors? The ones who tell stories about dragons or knights, rocket ships or romance? Well, we fiction authors are also teachers. We can teach facts that … Continue reading

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Author Superpowers: Entertaining

Duh. Of course do authors entertain. That’s almost too dumb to write out. But is it? All of us need to step away from reality at times. We want to escape from daily pressures, stress, or even just from the … Continue reading

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