Dream Novel Mentorship

Do you dream about writing and publishing a book? A novel?

Ooooh, yes! I have so many ideas!

But you haven’t managed to do so?

No. And it makes me sad. Because I would love to share them with the world and have happy readers tell me how much they enjoyed it. But for some reason … I never managed to really get it done. It’s so frustrating!

Maybe you just need a little help.

What kind of help?

Someone who teaches you how to do it and who holds you to it.

Can you?

Yes. And I’ll do even more for you.


I’ll support you for full six months while you write your novel.

Wow. That sounds great. What exactly does that mean?

Here’s what you’ll do:

– learn EFT to help with inspiration
– learn how to write efficiently
– write a certain amount of words every week
– plan your novel plot and beats
– create believable characters, good and bad
– have an accountability partner so you stay focused
– share your work on a secure message board that protects your copyright
– actually finish your novel in six months
– get publishing advice and support
– make your dream come true!

Here’s what you’ll get and why that’s so good:

– Three EFT sessions per month (=18 sessions!)
– “Your First Tapping Miracle” EFT introduction ebook
– Tapping Point Chart

EFT is the single one most effective technique to deal with stress, emotional blocks and subconscious self-sabotage. Plus you’ll learn how to do it yourself, too. This is incredibly empowering. I’m a certified EFT-practicioner who knows dozens of extra tricks.

– Incredible support for full six months
– Word Tracker Tool

You get six months of full support: Emotional handholding, tapping on blocks and doubts. This is enough time to create a novel of about 120,000 words – breaking it down means you only need to write about 5,000 words per week. Totally doable! And I will hold you accountable, too!

– Weekly email contact

Once a week, I will answer all your questions in email, in addition to the Skype sessions. We’ll set a regular date per week for that, so you will have lots of support.

– Character Creation Sheet
– Plot Developing Tool

You’ll be supported not only through the EFT sessions and accountability. You’ll also get great tools to help you develop your characters, your world, the conflict and the entire plot of the novel.

– Access to a special Message Board forum

You get a totally secure place to share your work. You may not be aware of this, but sharing information on Facebook, for example, means you’re handing them the right to use your content wherever they wish. The message board forum I’m providing for your work will have controlled and restricted access. Also, the providers have never once been hacked in 11 years of service. I personally know and trust the admins over there.

I’ll be there, as well, with help, feedback and suggestions. I’m a published author and have edited several stories for writers groups. This will become a writers’ mastermind corner.

– Publishing advice and support

Writing a novel is not enough. The true dream is getting it out there. And that’s where I’ll help you decide as well, as there are many, many options: Traditional publishers, small press, and indipendent publishing. I’m keeping up with the pros and cons of each, but I want to let you know that it has never been easier for an author to publish a novel and earn money from it – especially if the quality is right.


I sure am! What do I do now?

Easy: Send an email. Click the link below.

Send email to Frauke.

And then we’ll discuss all the rest through Skype and in person.

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