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What Makes Short Stories Tick?

April 15th, 8pm Central European Time, 2pm Eastern

In this webinar I will explain about the five absolutely essential elements of a short story. And yes, this applies both to writing short stories with a punch, and writing marketing copy that really connects with your readers.

You see, today, marketing is no longer about pushing sales and creating new needs. It’s about showing results, and attracting clients and customers by giving them something to relate to. It’s about connecting and building a relationship. There is no better way to do so that to share a story.

Because we as human beings enjoy a good tale. So if you can craft a good tale, you’ll be successful as writer and as marketer.

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Here’s one of the peeps you’ll meet during the webinar:



And here’s that link again, just in case that dragon distracted you:
Webinar “What Makes Short Stories Tick?”

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