The 21-Day Inspirational Challenge for Writers

I’m sorry, but the 21-days Inspirational Challenge for Writers is over.

Awwww, no. Will it come back?

No, but you can still get all the exercises.

Yay, cool! What do I have to do?

Wait a couple of months.

Oh, no!

And then you’ll find a cool self-study program.

That sounds good. But how will I get to know about it?

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2 Responses to The 21-Day Inspirational Challenge for Writers

  1. Sandra McMullin Bennett says:

    My question is sort of a technical one. I live in the country and the only internet access I have is by dial-up service. I would like to sign up for your program but need to know if this program a lot of downloading and/or graphics. That could make it near to impossible for me.

    Please let me know as I just heard about this and see that I only have until tomorrow to get signed up.

    Thanks so much.

    Sandra McMullin Bennett

    • fmoebius says:

      Hi Sandra, thank you for your interest.

      The standard html emails contain three graphics (which are always the same) but no additional files to download. I do include a link to a website with a single video which explains the tapping technique I use to help participants find inspiration, but watching it is not a must.

      There is a facebook group to share the written words and experiences, but I fear it would be too difficult for you to join. So you won’t profit from the group interaction as much, which I regret. However, the emails shouldn’t be a problem for dial-up, especially as there is also a text-only version available (you need to set that in your preferences).

      I hope this helps and I wish you lots of fun!
      – Frauke Moebius

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