The 30 Days Daily Writing Habit Class

Welcome and congratulations!

You have taken a very important step to become a real writer. Because a writer needs to write! And a daily writing habit is what will help you become a successful writer.

Seriously, writing every day is how you get your word count up, how you get books written and how you stay creative almost effortlessly.

Write more.
Write even more.
Write even more than that.
Write when you don’t want to.
Write when you do.
Write when you have something to say.
Write when you don’t.
Write every day.
Keep writing.”
― Brian Clark

And I’m here to help you do exactly that with your writing.

Starting on November 1st, you’ll get email from me every single day, for 30 days – that is, all of November. In every email, you’ll find a little nudge to get your writing in, a little inspiration, and a few sentences you can tap. (Yes, that’s the EFT tapping stuff that I use with my clients, for blocks, motivation and limiting beliefs.)

Here’s the EFT video that shows you how to do it:

And because we’re kicking this off for NaNo, you get a little extra bonus:
A Word Count Tracker with a NaNo sheet

WordCountTracker (Excel File)
WordCountTracker (Open Office File)

That way, you can easily keep track of your achievement – and do celebrate your word count every day! That pat on the shoulder is very, very important.

Anyway, now you’re all set. Expect email every day in the morning – starting on November 1st.

Happy Writing!


PS: As additional gift, you’ll also receive my free, weekly newsletter Tips and Tapping for Writers, which will help you become more productive, prolific and profitable as writer.

7 Responses to The 30 Days Daily Writing Habit Class

  1. I am looking forward to the NaNo project this year. And all your wonderful advice and encouragement. The 21 Day Challenge worked very well for me. Thanks a lot.

  2. ethel louise clark says:

    I am hoping to write the sequel to my first book a lot faster than my first one.

  3. I’m hoping that December 30 Day Writing Class will go much better than November. Thanks for the chance to begin anew.


  4. Anderson without a q. Sticky keys.

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