Welcome to the 21-day Inspirational Challenge!


Yay for signing up – you just decided to enter a whole new level in story telling and writing. And it doesn’t matter if you want to write a novel, a short story or a blog – the fundamentals of story telling are still the same.

And now it can be all yours!

The emails will start on January 20th – and it’s still a bit of time until then. But you can prepare already, and have fun while waiting for the challenge to start. Here are some suggestions.

What to do until the Challenge starts:

– buy a nice journal specifically for the challenge if you like to write by hand

– create a folder for your files and give it a wonderful, fun name, if you prefer to write on the computer

– choose a picture that goes with your story and glue it into your journal or set it as background picture on your computer

– join the discussions the Facebook group for the 21-day Inspirational Challenge (I will add you to it, if that doesn’t happen, let me know through email)

– join my writing message board Mystical Adventures

– read my writing blog Hannah Steenbock

– browse through my coaching blog and learn about EFT

And most of all – have fun!

8 Responses to Welcome to the 21-day Inspirational Challenge!

  1. Jake Sippel says:

    Really looking forward to this! Thanks!

  2. Charlotte says:

    Love the ideas above. Thanx Frauke! Looking forward to the challenge.

  3. Miriam says:

    A nice birthday-present…

  4. David Downs says:

    The Hungry Mouse
    A short story by David Downs
    The mouse was hungry. He found a small bread crumb. He ate it. Sadly, it was not enough. He remained hungry. He thought, if only I could make money from my writing, I would not be hungry.
    Luckily, he found a 21-day inspirational writing course.
    He got inspired. He wrote. He got money. He is no longer hungry.
    The end.

  5. Fett says:

    Very psyched to be starting tomorrow, Frauke!

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