Welcome to Tips and Tapping for Writers

I’m so happy you decided to make your life easier.

This is where I’ll post the tapping video as soon as good weather makes taping it feasable. (Germany in winter does not offer much of good daylight.) I want you to see how easy it is to do this tapping.

Every newsletter will contain tapping sentences that are meant to serve as inspiration for a few EFT rounds. However, feel free to change those words around. The very basic rule is:

Allow your emotion to flow and tap!

As you probably know, I do a lot of coaching work on mental blocks and mindset. EFT is the best modality I’ve discovered to shift those fast, gently and most of all, permanently. So if you want to dig deeper and really let go of a core issue or a pattern of self-sabotage, let me know. Just drop me an email and we’ll set up a free 30-min Skype call to figure our how I can best support you.

All right!

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2 Responses to Welcome to Tips and Tapping for Writers

  1. Bobbie says:

    Wow Frauke – this sounds so good. LOVED the 21 day challenge. Now the newsletters coming – can’t wait!

  2. EmilyACameline says:

    I know tapping works ,I have used this therapy ,.

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