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NaNoWriMo Special – Characters

Today is Day 10 of NaNoWriMo. That means you should be at ~16,000 words, and that is already pretty deep inside your story. In fact, you should be clearly beyond the introduction of your characters and stuff should be happening … Continue reading

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Writers’ Block – Must. Be. Original

Let’s take a look at Helen, who has a huge problem with her writing. Helen has a story that’s dear to her heart, and she really wants to tell it. But then she realizes her hero is the typical young … Continue reading

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Three Ways of Regaining your Writing Mojo

It happens to every writer: Losing the mojo. Staring at the file, and not being able to open it. Or opening it, and the words don’t come. Lying in bed awake with dialog in your head, but it’s all gone … Continue reading

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Three Elements that Make a Character Irresistible

The one thing that draws readers into a story is a character they can relate to. A character that makes them care. A character that the readers want to succeed. An irresistible character. But how can I create such a … Continue reading

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The Plot and the Hero

The other day I read a book that I had waited to read. It was part of a series, and it was long in coming. I set aside an evening, got some beer and chips, and settled in for a … Continue reading

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Story Fatigue

You started out loving this story, the characters, and the world but then it went all downhill. The characters are only bickering and navel-gazing, they refuse to meet your eye, and quite frankly, you don’t even want to visit that … Continue reading

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Writing and Healing

After I had been writing for a few years, and started training to become a counselor, I noticed something strange: In most of my stories, the mothers were dead or had disappeared. My heroes were orphans, as a rule. Granted, … Continue reading

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When Characters Misbehave

It started out so well. You created your world, you named your characters and you plotted the story. You were writing along happily. And then, the characters suddenly did something that you hadn’t planned. You’re staring at the words on … Continue reading

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