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Time and again, I run into people who dream of being an author. Who dream of writing books, telling stories or teaching in a non-fiction book.

And yet, they don’t.

When we dig deeper, there is one common theme (there are more, but let’s focus on that one today):

They are not allowed.

At some point in their lives, they picked up the belief that they, personally, do not have permission to be a writer. Or create books, let alone publish them.

For today, it doesn’t matter where they picked up that belief. Or who installed it in their mind. Or which family system rule is blocking their dream.

All that matters is the feeling – that “knowledge” that they cannot be authors.

In the video, I’m talking about how to release that belief, and how to get permission to be a writer, author and creator anyway.


I’m going to repeat it here in writing:

You have permission to be an author.

There. Listen to that. Hear it in your mind. And then go forth and write. (And let me know about it! I love hearing your stories.)

And if that’s not enough, here are some tapping phrases to get you started.

Tapping Phrases:

Even though I feel  need permission before I can become a writer or an author, I’m okay the way I am, and I now give myself permission to do what I love.

Even though I was taught somehow, that being a writer is something forbidden, at least for me, I’m totally okay the way I am, and I now choose to know that I’m old enough to make that decision myself now.

Even though I picked up that belief as a kid, that I’m not allowed to be an author, I’m totally okay the way I am, and I now choose to release that old, terrible belief.

Asking you:
Do you need permission to be a writer?
Do you remember where that came from?
What happened while you were tapping?
And finally – are you using tapping with your writing?
Please share in a comment.

Image Source: F. Moebius

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