Why Creativity Matters

Brain Clutter

Brain Clutter

Very often, we “only” use our creativity in hobbies. Writing, painting, crafting … that’s where we can let lose and stop “functioning”. The rest of the day we simply do things because they have to get done, and maybe the only thing we spend thought on is how to get them done most efficicently.

And that’s doing ourselves a great misservice. Because our brain is not an autopilot (even though it can do that for us). It’s not a storage device for a to-do list or a shopping list. It’s not a drill sergeant.

Our brain was really designed as a problem-solving machine. Yet we rarely use it as such.

Doing all that routine stuff, holding data in mind, running on autopilot – all those things dull our brain. I used to be proud of being able to keep a week’s appointments all sorted in my mind. Now I know that this just clutters the brain and buries my creative ideas. And since I write all those appointments down in my calendar anyway, I might as well unburden my brain.

Because creativity matters. When we allow our brain and our mind to soar free, we can develop visions of where we want to be. What we want to do. We may even think of completely new things do experience. And we can definitely find better solutions to any problem or obstacle we encounter in our lives.

I would suggest that you help your brain to become more creative. And the best way to do so is something that’s often called a “Brain Dump”. All you need is a large piece of paper and a pen.

On that piece of paper, write down everything that you have to do or think of. And I mean everything. Get it out of your brain and mind. Let it all go, since it’s safe down on that list.

And NOW you are ready to get creative and be really, truly you. That person is who is needed here. Our world doesn’t need a robot on autopilot, running through daily chores. No, we need you, in all your creative glory, in what you can give to this world and community through your gifts.

Everybody has his or her zone of genius. You are allowed to enter yours as often and as much as you can. And you start doing so by unleashing your creativity.

Scared? Here’s some tapping:

Even though it feels weird to let go of my to-do list in my brain, I’m okay the way I am and I’m open to the possibility that it might actually be a fun thing to do.

Even though it’s scary to think of what I could do and create if I only allow myself to do so, I’m okay the way I am, and I now choose to allow myself a glimpse of what I would love to create.

Even though I never thought of myself as particularly creative, I’m okay the way I am and I’m open to the possibility that I have just buried it under my to-do list, and I now allow myself to experience how creative I can really be.

How do you want to express your creativity today?

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PS: If you feel stuck in your creativity and want some support in developing your own version of it, drop me an email and we’ll talk about how that support could look like.

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