Procrastination – Fear of Success

Scared of Success

Scared of Success

At first glance, this sounds rather weird.

Why would people be afraid of success when all we want is to be successful?

It’s because of our wild imagination. We need it for our creative endeavors, but it can also trip us up when we think of our success.

Because what happens after we enjoy our success?

Life goes on. Inevitably.

Even winners of the Nobel prize continue to make their own breakfast, and probably clean their toilet themselves.

Our success gets old, stale and will be forgotten eventually.

We will have to repeat it.

Which means that the pressure is back on and probably higher than before we had our first success, the one we dreamed about.

(I’ll talk about all those fears connected to *that* in the next weeks.)

Because now we have proven that we have it “in us”, we’re expected to repeat this success over and over again.

The next book. the next sales record. The next bestseller. Or the next painting. The next prize. The next… whatever.

And honestly?

This pressure is exhausting.

And maybe a part of us believes it’s better to not even enter into this spiral of pressure. This spiral of success.

Which is why we may never finish our book, or our painting, our art.

That’s why it is easier to start something new rather than finishing, especially if there is a hint or threat of potential success.

And that’s such a loss!

Because the world needs creativity, and only you can create what you do.

And because we’re putting this pressure on ourselves, with our vivid imagination, our beliefs and expectations.

What if we could just go on writing the next book, with joy and no pressure?

What if we could simply keep enjoying our creativity, one piece at a time?

Without pressure?

Well, we could tap on that.

Tapping phrases

Even though I’m scared of being successful, this will add so much pressure to my life that I’d rather avoid it, I’m still totally okay the way I am, and I now choose to know that I can handle success in a way that’s fun and easy.

Even though I won’t risk success and that’s why I won’t finish anything, I’m still totally okay the way I am, and I now choose to know that there’s no reason to feel stressed about it at all.

Even though I’m afraid of success because I really can’t handle even more stress in my life, I’m still totally okay the way I am, and I now give myself permission to enjoy success without adding more stress to my life.

Asking you:
Are you afraid of success and the pressure that comes from it?
Have you felt that pressure already?
What happened while you were tapping?
And finally – are you writing right now?
Please share in a comment.

Image Source: F. Moebius

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