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Dreaming of Success

Dreaming of Success

Success is important for us. Even if we don’t have it right now, the whole idea of success is what keeps up going. When we dream about our success – whatever that is for you – we find the energy to keep writing, to keep marketing and to keep doing what it takes.

This in turn means that you need to protect your vision of your success from all those people around you that may doubt you and your ability to succeed.

You also need to strengthen it and keep it strong, so you can return to it whenever you run out of juice.

Usually, there are about four different ways people want to succeed when writing. I’m going to go through them and suggest some visualizations to use in your daydreaming.


Yes. That’s the best way to keep your vision strong and to keep your energy up for what you’re doing. It’s very important to dream about your success and feel the joy that it brings – even if you aren’t there just yet.

1. Hold your own book in your hands and show your family and friends

That has become a very easy and simple goal to reach since self-publishing options are easily available now.

And yes, it is a legitimate and valid goal for someone who writes as a hobby and who just wants some tangible proof of their work.

It can also be a starting point for everyone who is a new writer, a first goalpost – and once this success has been achieved, a different goal can take its place.

Here, the visualization is simple:

Imagine you’re holding your book in your hands. See the cover, feel the weight. Open it up and see the clean, clear interior that you designed. Read the words that you created. It is YOUR book in every sense of the meaning.

Got goosebumps? Good!

2. Position yourself as expert

Here, the goal isn’t necessarily the book itself. The real goal is the statement it makes about your expertise, knowledge and business. And the purpose of the book might be to function as a funnel, to bring you business, clients, customers… whatever.

This book matters in the results it brings, and that influences the visualization that you need for your dream:

See a stream of customers, clients or whatever you call your peeps. Watch how they open your book, read and nod happily, and then go to your website or reach for the phone to contact you.

See that clearly in your mind, and make sure that those people are the best for your business. See them being happy and very satisfied with your work, waving your book and telling others about it.

Got that? Awesome.

3. Make a bestseller list

That’s a little tricky because bestseller lists are a complicated issue… but if that’s your goal, go for it!

Choose the list you want to be on. You can stagger that, go for an easier one and build up from there – maybe all the way to the New York Times.

Get very clear about what is required to get there. (NYT recently ditched Children’s books, if I remember correctly.) Chose the genre and start writing like hell. Build your patience, too.

And visualize the website, the paper, the exact print or it, and the position your book will be on. See it there, with the title and your name. Boldly in print. See that list in bookstores, hanging above the tables with your book on them. Imagine the interviews. That moment of fame and satisfaction.

Can you feel the joy? Wohooo!

4. Make a living with your writing

I’m putting this one last, because it is the most ambitious goal in my eyes. (And it’s my own…)

Even this is possible, more so with self-publishing than ever before. Because you’re in control of your work, your product and your sales channels – and yes, this is a lot of work and requires a lot of knowledge. But it’s quite doable.

And the visualization that I use for my own dreaming has several parts:

I see my sales dashboards with awesome numbers. I watch them go up every month, and feel the joy about that.

I see my bank statements, and the money that flows in from vendors. I watch that number grow.

And I see myself, writing, creating covers, formatting, writing blurbs and publishing. Writing blog posts and putting ads out. And I make sure it’s fun and joyful.

Can you do that? Can you see yourself doing all that? Can you feel it?

That’s the way to go.

But this is all make-belief! It isn’t even real!

That’s not the point.

The idea is to shift your mindset into believing that this is possible. And then to take steps to bring your dreams closer to reality.

Because let’s face it – reaching those goals can be quite a slog.

The dreams are motivation. Power mojo. Those dreams and visualizations are what helps you sit down and write every day. They support you while you do the work. And the clearer you can see your success, the easier it is to work for it.

That makes sense, doesn’t it?

So do it! Take those five minutes every day to see your success and to enjoy it!

And here’s some tapping for the doubt that might also come up during those visualizations.

Even though it feels so weird and painful to visualize my success, because a big part of me doubts I’ll ever get there, I’m still totally okay the way I am, and I now choose to simply enjoy my daydreaming.

Even though it feels wrong to enjoy those visualizations because I’m not there yet, and a part of me believes I never will, I’m still totally okay the way I am, and I choose to know that I only need to take one more little step today to get closer to my dream.

Even though it’s hard to feel the joy in those visualizations because I both want it so much and fear I can’t do it, I’m totally okay the way I am, and I now choose to release my doubts, enjoy the dreams, and take little steps every day to get close to them.

Your Turn:
What kind of success are you dreaming of?
How does it feel to visualize it?
What happened while you were tapping?
And finally – what are you creating right now?
Please share in a comment.

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