Self-Sabotage is a Body Guard


I can’t write.

I’m sure you experienced this (I certainly have!): You have a great idea for a story, and you just know it’s going to work out well. You sit down at the computer and …

… your mind goes blank. Or you feel your chest tighten up and you just can’t sit there anymore. Or something much more important calls to your attention, such as cleaning the kitchen, the windows or mowing the lawn.

That’s pure self-sabotage.

Now, before you rail at self-sabotage, here’s a bit of perspective:

Self-sabotage is not evil. It’s merely your subconscious protecting you from something that no longer is a problem. It’s an old pattern that used to serve you. And it’s still active and now hurting your writing because at one point in your life it felt as if this was the only safe thing to do.

It used to be a solution.

And now it has become a problem. The first step to fixing this is to recognize it for what it is: an overprotective bodyguard.

Generally, such patterns protect against disappointment, fear of being judged or even fear of being seen – and getting hurt. It’s possible that these emotions were a part of your life when you were little, and you created this pattern to keep you safely away from them. Sadly, there are environments that foster such patterns, in families, schools and among “friends”.

The best part of this? The self-sabotage can end. Right here. EFT tapping is a great modality to deal with it. Here’s how to get started:

Even though I have this pattern that keeps me from writing, I’m a good writer, and I now choose to take a much closer look at this.

Even though I have those times when I feel blocked from writing, I’m a good writer, and maybe it really is just an old pattern trying to keep me safe.

Even though I hate this self-sabotage, I’m a good writer, and I now choose to acknowledge it as body guard – and then write anyway because body guards can’t decide what I will do.

How does that feel? Has anything shifted? Do you have a question? Let us know in a comment.

Image source: F. Moebius

PS: These patterns can be persistent. I have a lot of experience in shifting them, however, and I’m happy to help you become more productive and a happier writer. If you want more support, click HERE, fill in the email that pops up and send it to me. We’ll connect and see how I can support you best.

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2 Responses to Self-Sabotage is a Body Guard

  1. Dawn Kotzer says:

    Hi Frauke,
    Yep. Self Sabotage was once the solution. Recognizing it for what it was and now what it is in a gentle way is so healing. Thanks for sharing your take on a much misunderstood state of being. Great post. Dawn

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