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Self-Care for Writers – Final Thoughts

I’ve been running a writing message board for many years now, starting long before MySpace and LifeJournal and Facebook. And once we had a member who was being pushed by a writing coach. He was supposed to write a short … Continue reading

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Self-Care for Writers – Posture

Now, I’m not a physiotherapist. And yes, I’ve dealt with back pains and wrenched backs a few times in my life, so I know how that feels. And I’m certainly not perfect in my posture, nor avoiding all problems. But … Continue reading

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Self-Care for Writers – Moving

I think for many writers there is a nasty four-letter word that’s spelled with eight letters: Exercise. I mean, we usually sit at a desk in front of a computer (like old-fashioned me) or somewhere with a laptop or even … Continue reading

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