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Create a Daily Writing Habit

Most of us don’t write every day, especially if we’re still working in a day job and not making any or much money from our writing. A daily writing habit is very important. It helps you add words to your … Continue reading

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Procrastination – Final Thoughts

I hope that with this series I’ve been able to show you that it’s negative emotions that underly most instances of procrastination. That’s how we try to protect ourselves from bad stuff – which in most cases isn’t even true. … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo Special – What now?

NaNo is over. The rush is over. The forced writing is over. And the divine inspiration and mad sprints are over. What remains might be a sense of accomplishment and… exhaustion. That’s totally okay. Acknowledge both. Celebrate. Get some rest. … Continue reading

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A Morning Routine for More Words

In the last blog post I talked about three habits that help you to be a more productive writer. Today, I’d like to take that a little deeper. Why is getting up at the same time every day so important? … Continue reading

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