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EFT for Authors – That First Sentence

We tend to overburden that first sentence with an extraordinary amount of tasks. It’s supposed to draw in the reader. It’s supposed to be original, special and unmistakable. It’s supposed to represent the genre, type and atmosphere of the story. … Continue reading

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The Publishing Author’s Mindset – Formatting

Once your story has been edited enough (and really, don’t spend too much time on that), you will want to get it ready for publishing. And that means formatting. Ebook formatting has become very easy. Tools like Jutoh or Vellum … Continue reading

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Dealing with Overwhelm

I’m sure you’re familiar with those moments in life when everything seems to happen at once. You may have deadlines coming up, the computer breaks, a kid is sick, and then the dishwasher leaks water. That’s quite often the time … Continue reading

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