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Family System Dynamics – Ancestral Energy

Family systems encompass more than just your immediate family, ie. the one you grew up in or the one you live in now. In fact, those systems stretch back for generations, from grandparents to great-greats and beyond. Usually, however, the … Continue reading

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The Publishing Author’s Mindset – Cover Creation

I know. Covers are hard. That’s what we’re being taught, and maybe that’s also backed up by experience with graphics programs. I’ve been there. There’s one graphics program that I could work intuitively. And I still use it from time … Continue reading

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The Money Experiment – It’s making me a bad person

(Once again, you’ll find my tapping experience in a comment below last week’s article.) This one is the logical, ruthless continuation of last week’s belief: If money is bad, having a lot of money will make me a bad person. … Continue reading

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