The Law of Attraction for Writers

Happy Author

Happy Author

I’m sure some of you have heard of the Law of Attraction, and the power of positive thinking. And I believe that it exists and that it works.

However, it’s not as easy as it seems or as we have been told. It’s not about creating a nice affirmation and sticking it on the mirror and reading it once every morning. It’s not about catching yourself thinking something harsh and turning it into something nice. It’s not about daydreaming about your goals, or even telling your friends how great life is when you feel it sucks.

Doing all those things is not going to work. I dare say, most of you know that as well, and might even have been disappointed by it.

That’s because the Law of Attraction is not about thinking positive thoughts.

It goes much, much deeper.

Basically, you get from the Universe what you send out to it. And you send from the core of your being, no less.

If your normal state is happiness, well, then you’re getting more happiness.

If your normal state is worry and disappointment, imagine what happens. Yep, you’ll get more of that, too.

You get what you send out from the core of your being.

I’m repeating that because it is so important. It’s about being.

And yes, your being shows in how you think, how you feel and how you talk about yourself. But you can’t fake it.

The good news is that you can change your core. It is possible to shift from fear and disappointment to knowing that all is well and you’re getting what you want.

Many of people have done it. I’ve done it.

And let me tell you, it’s a process to shift that core being.

It’s usually a process that takes time, determination and work. Shifting the core of your being from what you are used to into something new is worth it, however.

It means you have to unlearn thought processes, unlearn some of your rational thinking, and definitely unlearn worry.

You also have to let go of expectations and learn to celebrate every small victory and book sale and all those cents that Amazon puts into your account.

That’s how you change the core of your being. By shifting your focus with a conscious effort. It will take a while before results show up. But a mental shift, a new mindset of abundance will go a long way. It’ll definitely help you to be happier and enjoy life more.

And guess what? The Universe will send you more of that.

It’s that easy and that hard.

My big advantage was that I know EFT and could shift out of disappointment and unrealistic expectations faster than most. And yet I also had help.

Here’s some EFT help for you:

Even though I’m so frustrated with my lack of success, it makes me feel grouchy and disappointed, I’m a good writer, and I now choose to shift my core being to a better feeling.

Even though it’s so easy to feel full of doom and gloom when I think about writing and my books, because the facts are disappointing, I’m okay the way I am, and I’m open to the possibility that this can change.

Even though it’s hard to stay positive with all those bad news from the market, and with my books not doing as well as I want, I’m still okay the way I am, and I choose to shift from negative to positive now and stay that way.

Your Turn:
What was your biggest success so far?
Can you celebrate something today?
How will you celebrate it?
And finally – what are you working on?
Write a comment and share the good stuff!

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PS: Mindset is really, truly the core of any success. And let’s face it, a negative mindset won’t get you far, and certainly not through disappointment and hard times. However, it’s very possible to change mindset and develop a positive one that makes life and writing such more fun (and brings in success).

I have used EFT to release lots of old experiences, blocks and limiting beliefs, enabling my clients to enjoy what they are doing. It is very possible to develop a healthy, supportive mindset as author. If that idea appeals to you, click HERE and send me an email. Together, we’ll figure out how I can support you best.

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