The Success Experiment – I Need a Lucky Break

Wand of Luck

Wand of Luck

I see this one a lot – and I catch myself thinking it, too.

You see, I self-publish my books. And there are self-publishers who simply uploaded their book because their friends enjoyed it so much, and BAM, they made the bestseller lists and they got a contract and are making a ton of money now. And there’s a Hollywood movie, too. (Yes, I’m dreaming about that myself.)

It is so easy to believe those authors just had a lucky break. To think that some people loved their book so much they told everyone else, and finally a mover and shaker heard about it.

Case in point: The Martian. (A fun read, btw.)

That’s an awesome success story.

But Andy Weir made his luck by writing an original and very compelling story that appealed to nerddom and a large audience as well. (Did I mention it’s a fun read?)

And honestly, relying on a lucky break to reach success isn’t a good business strategy. But its allure is so strong that it keeps people playing the lottery every week… well, you know how many win that.

And the worst thing?

It keeps you from doing your best and learning your business.

So this is a belief that should be ditched. Luck has very little to do with success – because if you want to use any luck coming your way, you’d better be prepared for it, with books that are the best you can make them.

A half-assed offering will kill any interest a lucky break might bring.

So while I do believe that lucky breaks happen, I can’t rely on them. I can get ready for the day it happens, and prepare and set up systems to take advantage of it.

And so can you.

Let’s tap on this.

Even though I believe that I only need a lucky break for success, and I really envy those who got them, I’m totally okay the way I am, and I’m now open to the possibility that I can prepare for that streak of luck and be ready when it comes – by doing the necessary work.

Even though it seems that people only have success because of a lucky break that takes them there over night, I’m still totally okay, and I give myself permission to stop waiting for that lucky break and start working on my art instead.

Even though I feel that I’m struggling and not getting anywhere, and I really envy those who had a lucky break and are now bestselling authors, I’m still totally okay the way I am, and I now choose to do the work and prepare for the time a lucky break comes my way, so I don’t waste it.

Your Turn:
Are you waiting for a lucky break?
What are you doing to prepare for it?
What happened while you were tapping?
And finally – what are you creating right now?
Would love to hear from you!

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PS: You’ll find my personal experiences with these beliefs in the comment section. Because I am tapping with these very sentences, I’m inviting you to join me on this journey, and share your experiences.

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