When Sh* Happens

Oh, sh*

Oh, sh*!

… we tend to go into panic mode first.

Unless there’s First Aid to do, of course, and then we panic after. Ah, never mind.

Back to the original thought: Our first response to sudden shock and stress is programmed deep into our most ancient parts of our brain, and it is limited to three options:

Fight, flight or Freeze.

That used to save lives. It worked fairly well until we humans decided to live in larger groups than simple clans.

In our current world, unfortunately for us, those ancient responses tend to make things worse. Why?

Fight turns into anger or fury.

Flight turns into fear.

Freeze turns into panic.

None of that helps to solve a problem. Staying in that part of our brain – which people like to call reptile brain – actually prevents creative problem solving.

Here’s why:


If you are currently in a stressful situation, I hope that the hold and breathe exercise already helped a little. (If you don’t know the tapping points, go to my free stuff and watch the Tapping Video.)

You may need a bit more serious tapping in order to release that anger or fear and bring your creative brain back online. Which is why I have some suggestions here.

Tapping Phrases

Even though I’m so angry, I want to smash something, this is such sh*, I’m totally okay the way I am, and I now choose to let go of anger and activate my problem solving superpower.

Even though I’m so scared, I’m shaking with fear, this is so terrible, I’m still totally okay, and I now choose to release that fear, to know it’s not about life and death, and to bring my creative superpower back online.

Even though I just want to sink into the earth or crawl under a rock, this is so terrible, I’m totally okay the way I am, and I now choose to release that panic and allow my wonderful brain to come up with creative solutions.

Bonus – one I actually used yesterday:

Even though I’m scared to death, I’m totally okay the way I am, and I choose to know deep down that this is not life-threatening.

Please share and inspire others:
What was a situation where you needed to think creatively?
What kind of solution did you come up with?
What happened while you were tapping?
And finally – are you using tapping with your writing?
Please share in a comment.

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2 Responses to When Sh* Happens

  1. Sh#t deffo does happen. Just as I was taking off as a published author my husband (80 years old) was diagnosed with cancer in 4th metastase ( that means it had spread all over the bloody shop) and followed it up with a stroke.
    I got him out of hospital on the strength of my own nursing experience which has meant that I have had to stop writing.
    Those thoughts above got me through. as did tapping but I added – this is the situation, you were an Officer in the RAF, your job to deal with it.
    What help are we entitled to – go find out.
    Every morning – we are both awake, nothing to panic about yet.
    I am not a 24/7 nurse – I also need MY time even if it is out walking our little dog.
    He could die at any moment – but so could I – I could step under a tractor outside our house – situation normal.
    Be funny – there isn’t much humour in these situations but make jokes when you can – when he is laughing he isn’t thinking about his illness
    Writing – this isn’t forever, store up, note down what happens because every day is material for a novel,
    There are people in a much worse situation to me – don’t you DARE feel sorry for yourself – you live in a wonderful place with great neighbours and loads of wonderful animals including the new cat I have just adopted and had up to vet to get his papers …. one going, one coming in. Brightest blessings

    • fmoebius says:

      Oh dear Ailsa,
      *sending hugs to you*
      It really is all about mindset, as you demonstrate so well.
      Wishing you all the best, lots of happy moments and joy.
      – Frauke

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