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There are people who say that Writers’ Block is all in your mind.

And they are right.

But Writers’ Block is not something you can clear with your rational mind. Because it is actually something much deeper and much older. Writers’ Block is anchored in your non-rational part of your being.

Writers’ Block is a safety program.

We all have safety programs. They usually get installed in childhood, but sometimes they arrive later. Their only function is to protect us from feeling bad, being disappointed, recalling grief or horrible fear. They keep us safe, even if it means preventing something we think we like.

Sounds weird, but it is true.

Very often they originated in an intense experience during childhood. Something happened, and we felt so bad, so scared or so sad that our subconscious decided that we should never feel that way again. And it created protections. Emotional overwhelm leads to safety programs in our minds.

These safety programs make us feel reluctant when we approach a task that triggers them. They create mental resistance, a kind of wall to hold us back. Sometimes, it feels as if we have to push through molasses just to open a file. Yet it is just a manifestation of that old, old safety program.

Most of such programs are in urgent need of an update.

In general, our safety programs have never been adapted to life as an adult. They are not aware of our dreams as writers. All they care about is that old, old horrible feeling and that it may never happen again.

What I do with my clients is to play detective, discover those old experiences and eliminate their emotional load with EFT. Then we update the safety programs.

And the resistance and the blocks just disappear. They are no longer needed.

Here is some EFT tapping inspiration for you.  You can find a full tapping round in my newsletter. In my client work, however, we go much deeper and into individual detail. Thus the results are often more satisfying.

Even though I’m so resistant to writing, something is really blocking me, I’m a good writer, and I’m now willing to believe there is simply a safety program at work.

Even though a part of me is trying to keep me safe when it blocks me from writing, I’m a good writer, and I now choose to know it’s safe to keep writing.

Even though this safety program is just trying to protect me – which is annoying as hell!- I’m a good writer, and I now choose know that I survived that horrible experience and that it is safe to keep writing now.

Your Turn:
Take a close look at your Writers’ Block. When does it hit? How does it feel? What does it remind you of? Write a comment!
Tapping on these issues can set you free.

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I'm a writer and coach. I love helping writers be more creative, more productive and more profitable. With EFT, life gets easier. Blocks can fall away. Limiting beliefs just shift. You can build your dream life. Let me help you do this.
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2 Responses to Writers’ Block – A Safety Program

  1. AS says:

    Hello fmoebius and thank you for the work you’re doing on writer’s block and EFT. I am having some serious work-avoidance issues and have just discovered the potential of EFT to solve them. So I wanted to explore the questions you pose in yesterday’s article.

    Taking a close look at my Writers’ Block… When does it hit? It kicks in whenever I even think of working on my story. How does it feel? It feels like silently sliding away from something a little dangerous or something I know is not for me or something I don’t want to meet. Like turning aside as I recognise someone I don’t want to talk to in the supermarket or on the street. What does it remind you of? Its like steering into other waters, escaping. Avoiding. It feels like I am not in charge but that “something else” is steering my ship, making my choices. I can read endless articles on politics or science or behaviour, or I can leave my desk and do other kinds of work, but “something” very clearly does not want me to work on my big story idea which has already been promised to an editor at a major publishing house who saw an excerpt and said he would buy it when it was finished…except I can’t finish it.

    • fmoebius says:

      That certainly sounds like a safety pattern at work. Are there any experiences this feeling reminds you of?

      One of the approaches with EFT is to uncover an incident or experience where success, or getting visible, or showing your potential got you hurt – working on that will often shift related moments in your life and release that resistance. Maybe you were judged harshly for something you were proud of?

      Any of this could have installed and activated the safety program that now stops you from writing. Hope you can work through this with EFT. If you want more help, drop me an email.
      All the best!
      – Frauke

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