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Entanglements are some of the strangest effects within family system dynamics. They happen when a family member’s fate is not recognized and honored by the other family members. That fate is often tragic or traumatic – because only strong emotions leave a trace in the family system energy.

Because of this void, a certain unbalanced energy in the family system, another family member “jumps in” and gets entangled with the disregarded family member and their fate. This is not a free, conscious choice, and it usually happens without the affected family member even realizing what is going on.

This is actually typical for family systems. They don’t “care” about individual members, because balance is more important. It is all about the energy inside that system.

Here’s an example of how this kind of entanglement can look for a writer:

Sarah loves telling stories and she has several completed manuscripts on her computer. Yet every time she considers actually editing and publishing those manuscripts, she feels massive resistance and quickly starts writing a new story instead.

She is fascinated by self-publising and reads everything she can about it. She has already asked several formatters for a quote, and even created an account with kdp.amazon – and yet, something totally stops her from formatting and uploading her books.

Unfortunately, Sarah has no clue she’s entangled with her great-aunt, her paternal grandmother’s sister. Betty was the youngest child of the family, born much later than her siblings. She was very creative and started writing stories as a teenager. However, when her mother died, she was married off quickly to a family friend. Instead of being able to continue her writing, she had to help her unimaginative husband in his shoemaking business. Her family grew quickly to include five children, and Betty’s writing died away under her heavy work load.

Sarah’s grandmother eventually mentioned her younger sister’s love of writing to her, and together they discover that Betty’s husband burned her manuscripts together with all  her belongings when she died in childbirth after seven years of marriage. He remarried and tried to erase all traces of Betty.

Incredibly moved by the tragic story of her great-aunt’s life, Sarah decides to dedicate her first book to her, and suddenly finds that her resistance to actually publishing her books has completely disappeared.

Of course, Sarah’s story is entirely made up, but I have seen similar situations in my client work.

Sometimes, the solutions are less clear than how I described it for Sarah. Sometimes, we’ll never find out what exactly happened. Even so, it is possible to resolve entanglements and free both family members. In every single case, however, the solution involves honoring the older, often deceased family member. It can also involve transferring energetic signatures back to the older family member.

I have done this many times with clients. The results are often quite rapid and fascinating. Such work is well worth the effort, especially if other approaches have not resulted in a satisfying change.

Now, tapping on entanglement has the best results when it is done individually and pointed at the specific case – which I cannot do with the general tapping phrases here, or even the tapping round in my newsletter, obviously. Shifts are still possible, though, and if you have a suspicion something similar to Sarah’s experience is going on, do try the tapping.

Even though I can’t explain my resistance to writing and/or publishing, and thinking of an entanglement is scary, I’m totally okay the way I am, and I now choose to honor those ancestors who might be involved in this problem.

Even though the idea of such an entanglement is scary and upsetting, I’m totally okay the way I am, and I now give myself permission to release that entanglement energy and send love and respect to the ancestor involved in this.

Even though it is scary that I’m caught up in and blocked by something that happened long ago, I’m totally okay the way I am, and I now release this entanglement energy while sending love and respect to my ancestor who experienced those difficult times.

Your Turn:
Did this topic resonate with you?
Do you know your family history well?
What happened while you were tapping?
And finally – what are you creating right now?
Please share in a comment!

Image Source: F. Moebius

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