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I'm a writer and coach. I love helping writers be more creative, more productive and more profitable. With EFT, life gets easier. Blocks can fall away. Limiting beliefs just shift. You can build your dream life. Let me help you do this.

Author Central and Imposter Syndrome

Author Central is an interface you can access and set up on Amazon once you have published your first book through KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). There are plenty of reasons why you should do that. You’ll get your own Author … Continue reading

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Tapping and Setting Up that First Amazon Ad

Yesterday, I set up my first two Amazon ads ever. It was surprisingly easy, once I got the advertising interface to work – it was an Amazon glitch, so I don’t expect you to run into that problem. I followed … Continue reading

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Amazon Ads – My Keywords

Today, I’m documenting my keywords for my first Amazon Ad, for my book “Dragon Prey” (Hannah Steenbock is my pen name.) Gathering them was quite a chore, because I was a bit picky. You see, keywords are supposed to drive … Continue reading

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What are Also-Boughts, and why do you need them for Amazon Ads?

Also-boughts are the recommendations Amazon gives you when browsing (almost) any product. They are generated from their sales database and try to match your preferences. The full text is basically: Customers who bought this (whatever you’re looking at) also bought … Continue reading

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Tackling Amazon Ads

Amazon Ads… My writing self has walked around those for a year or more. Now it is time to actually get into the game, to become visible, and that’s difficult on two levels. One level is craft, and I will … Continue reading

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The Power of Styles

Today, I’m going to wind up the series on creating a Clean Manuscript with some words about Styles. You may have heard about them. If you’re like me, you have ignored them for way too long. Styles tie in your … Continue reading

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The Pitfalls of Quotation Marks in Creating a Clean Manuscript

If you’re even a bit like me, you like straight quotation marks. I actually loathed the curly ones, and set my word processor to use straight ones. And it felt really good to have those clean characters in my manuscript. … Continue reading

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How to Indent and Add a Page Break for a Clean Manuscript

Last week, I talked about the importance of a clean manuscript, and why it’s a business asset. Today, I’m sharing the first hands-on video of three. I’ll show you how to use the paragraph settings of your word processing program, … Continue reading

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Why You Should Create a Clean Manuscript

As you know, Writers’ Dream Coach is about supporting writers and authors. It’s mostly about mindset, but this year, I am expanding into hands-on craft. And I will write about all those pesky emotions coming up when talking craft. Craft … Continue reading

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Early Blog Break – Back in January

On this blog, I often talk about self-care. Because self-care is really important, especially if we dream of living our dream life – spending all our time writing and pushing with the next deadline or the next release. And now … Continue reading

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