Tapping and Setting Up that First Amazon Ad

Creating an Amazon Ad
Creating an Amazon Ad

Yesterday, I set up my first two Amazon ads ever.

It was surprisingly easy, once I got the advertising interface to work – it was an Amazon glitch, so I don’t expect you to run into that problem.

I followed Brian Meek’s guidelines in how to set it up, although I’m fairly certain that the keyword bids are too low and will need fixing. (And yes, this probably sounds all Greek to you right now.) Still, it worked well.

It’s worth buying his book “Mastering Amazon Ads”, as well as joining his FB group. Because this is not something you can do on autopilot. Use that experience, make it available to you. All you have to do is go and get it.

So now I have two ads approved and running now – and no data whatsoever.

Because reporting is notoriously delayed. Fun times.

However, it took me quite a bit to actually be able to do this.

This is the mindset part.

The part where emotions, limiting beliefs and simple fear meld into a nasty barrier.

The part that held me back for weeks. As you may have noticed.

I wasn’t lazy. I went and hunted keywords. I re-read the books. I read the posts in the FB group.

But I just couldn’t find the bravado to go and do it.

Enter Tapping.

Which is what I habitually do to overcome blocks and obstacles.

I look at the emotions I’m feeling and then I tap on them. It’s a simple as that – but of course, the art is in the delivery. And after about ten years of working with EFT, I have enough experience to hone in on the problem.

For me, it’s a reluctance to gamble – and buying ads is basically gambling until you get some data feedback and find the right tweaks. I simply don’t like spending money without knowing what I’ll get in return.

But the blog post was due… so I gave myself permission to do it scared, dug up the instructions and just did it.

That’s the mindset I would recommend for the moment when you set up your first ad. Relax, release your emotions, find your patience and then “just do it”. Even better if you can bring yourself to employ a mindset of curiosity and exploration.

Because that’s what it is: You’re exploring something new.

You’ll find an entirely new interface, and you need to work through it patiently. You need to create your ad copy (with only 150 characters, slightly more than an old-format tweet), and you need to set all the money parameters.

And you need to doublecheck everything.

For the second ad, I was going through it to check, happy and proud for being almost done – and realized that I was setting it up for my paperback rather than my Kindle edition!

Fortunately, the interface kept all the settings when I went back and changed it to the correct edition

So you need a calm, curious and patient mindset for creating those ads.

And EFT tapping can give that to you. Use that method. Make your life easier.

Let me teach you.

Let me coach you.

Asking you:

Do you hesitate using Amazon Ads?
Do you worry about losing money with them?
Do you think they would help you sell more books?

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