How Judgement Hurts Your Writing

Pointing fingers

Pointing fingers

This is the last of the three thought patterns that I called the three most damaging ones for writers. And it’s one you really, really need to let go.

Judgement servers only one single purpose:

To elevate yourself in your own mind over others.

That is – sadly – a natural thing. We all want to feel good.

And one way of feeling good is to put others down. For the way they look, they dress, the way they pray, for their weight, the color of their skin, their hair or lack thereof, their sexual preferences – and of course, the genre they write in, the speed with which they publish, their covers, or simply for being an indie author.

It’s sooooo easy.

We usually learn it at an early age, too. That’s why it is often so deeply engrained.

What we don’t learn is what judging really does to us.

Judging breeds anger, fear, contempt and hate.

It separates society into us vs. them.

Of course “we” are better than those “others”, and our mind starts to look for “facts” to support that kind of thinking. We allow news that fits our judging, and we stop noticing or reading news that goes against it. The “others” seem to get worse every day, which also raises fears.

The problem is that this heady mixture of anger, fear and righteousness can completely overcome the happy mindset of creativity. In addition, that kind of intense emotion can become addictive.

Yes, you can write from anger. But it will influence your stories, your voice and your characters. You might even find fans for that kind of vibe.

However, judging takes a lot of energy and time away from writing.

You might find yourself in intense fights in social media. You will probably lose fans over that. You might spend more times in raging fits, unable to write.

It is a downward spiral, unless you decide to stop it.

You can stop it, and – at least in my opinion – you should stop it as quickly as possible.

Because a calm, happy mindset is much, much better for writing and for the business of being a writer these days. It’s much easier to make good business decisions from that place. And just try writing an enticing blurb while fighting online…

Here’s some tapping to let go of judging.

Even though it feels sooo good to know I’m better than others, simply because of who I am and what I do, I’m okay the way I am, and I now allow myself to question that mindset.

Even though I learned to look down on other writers because of what they write, I’m okay the way I am, and I now allow myself to realize that feeling better that way doesn’t value my own achievements.

Even though I’ve used judgement as a crutch to feel better about myself, I’m okay the way I am, and I’m now ready to let go of that crutch and find better ways of making me feel good about myself.

Your Turn:
What are your achievements?
What makes you feel proud as writers?
What is your next project?
Write a comment and share the good stuff!

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