How to make Marketing non-icky


Shouting it out from the rooftops.

Marketing is icky.

I know many writers feel like that.

I mean, we’re writers because we don’t mind at all being alone, we enjoy immersing ourselves in our stories and hanging out with our characters. Most of us are not really outgoing and rushing to parties all the time.

And now we’re supposed to be all over social media, corner our friends, badger our relatives and tell people to buy our books? Repeatedly?

Not quite.

The truth is that yes, every writer who wants to sell books needs to market. Even those with a contract from a traditional publisher, simply because those publishers are slashing their marketing budgets.

And of course, indie authors depend on their own marketing for their visibility.

So what exactly does “marketing” mean?

In essence, it means telling people you have something they might like.

No more, no less.

See, I told you, marketing is all about being in the face of people yelling “buy my book!”.

Uhm, no. That’s how it used to be several decades ago.

Things are different nowadays, because technology (aka The Internet) allows people to communicate much, much more. I can literally chat with a friend from the other side of the world. I can do business with people who live thousands of miles away.

And so can you.

Because in the end, it’s about what YOU have to offer.

People like people, and they talk to people about what they like.

So marketing is giving people a reason to talk about you and your books.

Jim C. Hines did it with his cover posing, for example. The pictures were hilarious, but they also showed how earnest he is about equal rights. They showed a side of him that goes beyond the books he’s writing. They gave people something to talk about. And I’m sure he didn’t see it as “marketing”. It still works.

Doranna Durgin, who writes awesome stories involving animals, talks about her own animals on her blog and on Facebook. That shows her deep understanding of creatures, their communication, wants and needs which translate into amazing stories where exactly these things matter.

Again, she gives people something to relate to her beside her books.

And that is brilliant.

Because it is about YOU and eventually your books. People want to see that part of a person, they want something to relate to YOU. And I just know you can give it to your audience. You can create fans by being YOU and being more open about how you think. About your books, but also about life.

So think about what makes you YOU. What is it that’s different about you? What is your passion? Well, writing is one, but even in writing there may be something you’re passionate about.

It could be horses. Or human rights. Or strong female character. Or saving the world. Or raising chicken. Or loving dragons.

The what isn’t even important.

It’s your passion that allows people to connect to you. Your own imperfect self, you as human being.

And then marketing becomes all about sharing your passion.

Fun, isn’t it?

Your Turn:
What’s your passion? Have you ever told anyone about it? Leave a comment and let others glimpse a bit of you.

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