Stop Chasing your Muse



Greek mythology knows nine muses. Each of them represents one of the arts, and quite a few are connected to writing. The concept of the muse, however, has generalized so that the muses are seen as the source of inspiration.

Many writers wait for inspiration. They even chase it. Sometimes desperately.

They refuse to write without inspiration.

Which in turn means there are many days where those writers do not write.

This totally kills productivity, of course. And it’s not even necessary.

Because if you stop chasing the muse and commit to writing every day, inspiration comes to you. It no longer has to be chased down. Instead, you attract it to you.

How about that?

Inspiration comes from knowing your story well, from being intimately familiar with your characters and from having fun with the tale. That’s when your brain relaxes and comes up with plenty of plot bunnies and great new ideas.

And the best way to be “in” your story is to be in contact with it every day. Seriously. The simplest way is to grab a timer, set it to 20 min and then write during those minutes.

Drop everything and do that now. Write.

Your turn:

Have you written today? If so, tell us in a comment. A simple “yes” would be enough. Let me and us celebrate your achievement.

Image source: F. Moebius

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