What if I Just Can’t Write?



So, you’re ready to write every day. That’s your goal. You made that decision. Awesome!

But the minute you sit down, your brain scatters. You may think of the chores for today, you may wonder what to cook for dinner – and the story is further away from you than ever. Soon you give in and head over to Facebook. No writing today. Again.

That’s only your inner self protecting you.

Sounds weird, doesn’t it? I mean, you do want to write, after all, and then you suddenly cannot. I know – because I’ve worked with many clients – that there is a fear behind that sudden loss of focus. And a safety program that protects you from the feared consequences.

And in this case, that’s protecting you from any kind of fear about writing and finishing a story.

A good way of figuring out what’s going on is to ask questions and then go quiet and allow feelings and answers to come up. You can take notes on this, too.

Good questions are:
– What’s going to happen once I write and finish this story?- What dreadful thing will happen once others read this story?
– What’s in the story that exposes something deeply personal about me?
– What danger are you, dear inner self, protecting me from?

A number of common fears are these:
– The fear of being judged.
– The fear of not being good enough.
– The fear of being hated.
– The fear of the family no longer loving you
(especially if you write horror, erotica or thrillers).
– Many, many more personal ones.

The best news is that all those fears can be easily released with some EFT tapping. Sometimes, you can do it on your own (I’ll supply some tapping sentences further down), and sometimes you need a bit of help from an experienced EFT-praticioner (just let me know and we’ll talk).

There is no reason at all to let those fears get the better of you. Seriously.

Even though something is totally blocking my creativity, especially as I sit here ready to write, I’m okay the way I am, and I now choose to release whatever is blocking me.

Even though somehow my inner self is protecting me from something obscure, I’m okay the way I am and I now choose to learn what the fear behind this block is.

Even though I’m so angry at myself for letting me get blocked like this, when I really, honestly want to write and get the story out, I’m okay the way I am, and I now choose to honor my inner self and then let go of the fear that’s blocking me.

So please get out that timer, set it to 15 min and just put words on the page. Start with a random sentence, if necessary. You don’t have to write the Great American Novel today. Or ever. Just the next few sentences or paragraphs in your tale.

Your Turn:

What fear came up for you?
Let me know in a comment, and I can provide a more personalized tapping statement to get you going.

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