Stuck in a Story?

I'm stuck!

I’m stuck!

It happens to every writer – we get stuck. The story either goes off track, we lose interest or we have written ourselves into a corner. No matter how it happens, the story loses us, and we lose the story.

And I’m sure it happens to both plotters and pantsers.
(Plotters are people who work out the details of a story before starting to write while Pantsers tend to have a vague plan of a story and write to discover it.)

Losing a story and getting stuck is entirely frustrating in a publishing world where speed counts and where we want to publish often in order to keep fans happy and connected.

We need to finish what we start. We can’t afford to lose a story anymore.

Now, often the problem is at the craft level, and can be solved through craft tricks. There are dozens of such tricks, and I’m sure every author knows several. But that doesn’t help if you’re really, truly stuck.

If you can’t even open the file to look at the story. If thinking of the story makes you feel guilty and horrible. If you have lost your connection to the characters and start forgetting backstory.

That’s a mindset thing.

And you can’t solve a mindset problem at the craft level.

You see, solving mindset problems is what I do and teach. And it is quite possible to solve this problem of being stuck – and make it much less likely you’ll get stuck in a story again.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The trick is to move deeper than feeling stuck, to look beyond that. Very often, a behavioral pattern is lurking in the underground. It is something you learned to protect yourself. What exactly that is depends on your personal history and experiences. (That’s why so many EFT tapping protocols don’t work reliably, and why I prefer to work in person.)

This protective pattern needs to be shifted and updated.

And once that’s done, getting stuck becomes less likely. It may take a few more returns to that stuckness before that pattern is completely updated and before all ramifications have been caught, but that’s simply a problem of getting all the tangles sorted and cleared.

It is very doable, even though lasting results are more likely if I can guide you in person. Here’s some tapping to get you started:

Even though I’m so stuck in my story, and I totally hate it, I’m a good writer, and I’m open to the possibility that this is an old protective pattern showing up again.

Even though it’s so annoying to hit that wall again and again, I’m a good writer, and I’m now giving myself permission to update that old protective pattern.

Even though I’m so disgusted at getting stuck, I’m a good writer, and I now thank my protective pattern for the good work and ask it to update so it can support my writing and publishing.

Your Turn:
What memories are coming up when you’re stuck?
What fears come up when you think about finishing the story?
What’s good about finishing that story?
Write a comment and share the good stuff!

Image Source: F. Moebius

PS: Protective patterns really are just that. We develop them at a young age to avoid feeling bad or getting into difficult situations. And they tend to do good work – but they are very often the reason behind success blocks, because of the fears that surround success.

When I work with you, we would look into the origins of such patterns. We look into how it serves you, too. And then we shift those thought patterns and habits into new ones that are much more supportive and enable your success.

EFT is the fastest way I know to shift limiting beliefs, old thought habits and other kinds of blocks. If you want help with that, click HERE and send me an email. Together, we’ll figure out how I can support you best.

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