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Many people think that being a writer means sitting in a room and typing away all day on their own. And that’s very often true. When we write, we go into a special space within us, where our characters and our worlds life. We need that space in order to create the stories that grow inside us. And some can evoke that space everywhere, even in a busy Starbucks, others need their writing den or shack.

On the other hand, a writer who shuts herself away from the world will not be able to write stories that really resonate. Our stories need to be anchored in this world, even if they take place elsewhere. They must have elements that connect with the readers.

And these elements can change over time. Look at what I did with Starbucks up there. That reference wouldn’t have worked thirty years ago. It may stop working in another thirty. It may also not work in a country where there aren’t any.

However, it may touch you because you love working in Starbucks. I have friends who refer to it as their office. On the other hand, I prefer writing at my desk at home.

Being a writer, you can only learn about these things by being open and curious. When you walk through the world with the intention of picking up information, nuances and impressions.

That’s what curiosity does for you.

You must be curious as a writer.

In order to write compelling characters, you must be curious about creatures and their interaction. How to they communicate? How do they react to this or that? Is my character easily insulted? How does that show?

In order to create fascinating worlds, you must be curious about how worlds work. How ecosystems function, how food chains work, how a world can sustain life. Geology, Biology, Science… they all come up with surprising new answers all the time.

In order to create a surprising plot, you must be curious enough to ask “what if?” And curious enough to follow that train of thought as it leads into unknown territory.

In order to create a riveting story, you must be curious about story telling and how to do it well. How can I keep my readers’ interest? How can I use my story elements to increase the impact?

If you are not curious and interested in learning or discovering something new, you can’t really be a good writer.

That’s what I believe.

And that’s why I would like you to be very curious today. I have a little challenge for you:

What are the three most interesting things you discovered today?

(I would love to read that in a comment, btw.)

Here’s some tapping to access that kind of curiosity that we had a children, the kind that drove our parents mad, the kind we most likely gave up on when we grew up.

Even though I have learned that the world is the way it is, and I have settled into it, I’m okay the way I am, and I now allow myself to become curious again.

Even though it feels ridiculous to follow every squirrel and lose myself in Wikipedia or other websites in order to learn more about something silly, I’m okay the way I am, and I now give myself permission to spend some time every day to learn something new.

Even though I was taught that being an adult means controlling curiosity and being serious and well-educated, I’m okay the way I am, and I now give permission to my inner child to lead me into glorious adventures of “what if”?

Your Turn:
What three things did you discover today?
Did you want to learn more about them?
How did it feel to investigate?
And finally – what are you working on?
Write a comment and share the good stuff!

Image Source: F. Moebius

PS: Sometimes, people feel uneasy doing something they are not used to doing. That’s normal, because we all have safety programs inside us that work to prevent unease and feelings of fear. Sadly, those programs have often not been updated for years or decades and work on the assumption of a much younger self. And thus they keep us from being who we can really be.

EFT is the best way I know for updating those safety programs, making them supportive rather than a block to fight. If you want help with that, click HERE and send me an email. Together, we’ll figure out how I can support you best.

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