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EFT for Authors – Introduction

Some of you already know that I don’t just do EFT, I also write books. Book full of adventure, with dragons, unicorns or even whales. I love creating worlds. I do so under a pen name, however. Now, writing is … Continue reading

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How to Find your Focus Quickly

Yesterday, when I had to set up my German blog post, I ran into a problem you might be familiar with: I had been immersed in writing a story. I had also read a story which utterly captured my heart. … Continue reading

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The Best Words for Tapping – The Tapping Points

Now that you know all about creating a set-up phrase, it’s time to teach you the tapping points. Those are acupuncture points you’ll tap while working through a tapping round. You have probably seen pictures of them, or maybe you … Continue reading

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New Beginnnigs – Why EFT for Authors

Today, I’m starting something new on this blog: Video. Since most of you haven’t seen me (well, maybe you did watch the NaNoWriMo videos on Facebook), and since it’s easier to decide to trust someone you see, I want to … Continue reading

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