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Editing a Story to Death

The other day, I talked about the three levels of editing, which was about the bare minimum needed to make a story clean. And then there are some who never stop editing. “Just one more pass, then it’ll be perfect.” … Continue reading

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The True Power of Mindset

This is a true story. Ten days ago, I decided to radically shift my mindset about my books. (I’m writing fiction under a pen name.) You see, I self-published my first book early in 2013. By now, I have three … Continue reading

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Three Must-Follow Blogs for Writers

If you are an author who wants to get books published, there are a number of blogs that are very useful to know and visit regularly. Because self-publishing is not something you can do successfully without learning the ropes. That’s … Continue reading

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Marketing? UGH!

Most of us writers hate marketing. We hate posturing, we hate shoving books in people’s faces, and we hate having to post the link to our book every day. That’s not creative, it’s no fun, and we’re afraid people will … Continue reading

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The Many Options for Seeing Your Book in Print

Traditional publishing, self-publishing, or paying a publisher to create a book – there is lots to choose from. Many authors, especially those who just wrote “The End” under their first novel, have no idea what is the best for them. … Continue reading

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