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If you are an author who wants to get books published, there are a number of blogs that are very useful to know and visit regularly. Because self-publishing is not something you can do successfully without learning the ropes.

That’s why I want to present three blogs today that are great for learning what’s going on in the self-publishing world. Read, watch, learn, and eventually start commenting to become a part of this great community.

1) The Passive Voice

When I first stumbled over this blog, I thought the idea was dumb. You see, The Passive Guy doesn’t write a lot of blog posts of his own. Instead, he reblogs from dozens of other blogs  – which is awesome because that way you’ll be up to date on what’s going on in the writing world every day.

However, the very best part of this blog are the comments. It’s here that an incredibly helpful, friendly – and sometimes snarky – community thrives. It’s definitely worth it to check out the comments on posts. You will enjoy this, I promise.

2) J.A. Konrath

Joe Konrath is a self-publisher of the first hour. He’s been there, done that. He shares his expertise and advice freely. And he’ll fisk – that means take apart the arguments of – a lot of the pretentious blogs of authors and publishers who follow the traditional way of publishing.

His posts are refreshing and insightful, and fun on top. And he won’t tell you that you’ll get rich fast through self-publishing – but you can see that it is possible.

Again, a lot of good stuff also happens in the comments. Treat yourself to them, and if you have something to contribute, do so.

3) Hugh Howey

This man is awesome, and one of the most successful indie authors around. But the biggest thing about him is his heart – it beats for all authors. Read his sharp analysis of the publishing world, and his suggestions for making it all better.

There is always something to learn from Hugh.

Your Turn:

Do you know any awesome blogs? Share and let people know!

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