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Author Superpowers: Imagination

Again, this is not really a surprise. I mean, we story tellers need some imagination to create characters, settings and an interesting plot line, right? But there’s more to that than meets the eye. Take Star Trek, for example. Look … Continue reading

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Author Superpowers: Teaching

Duh, every non-fiction author aims to teach, right? Sure. But how about the fiction authors? The ones who tell stories about dragons or knights, rocket ships or romance? Well, we fiction authors are also teachers. We can teach facts that … Continue reading

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Why Authors have Superpowers

That’s big, isn’t it? It’s stuff for superheroes, right? But what if you and me could save the world, making it better one little step at a time? Maybe by simple things: Being kind and caring. Lending a hand. Being … Continue reading

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